The world of obvious things no longer feeds us

Have you tried to desconstruct the obvious and getting involved?

If yes, you are in the right place. If not,


Other Recipes 

To get into the wonderful world of Cold Brew, the best recipe is, get involved! a product that leads you to flavors that you never imagine. And we promess, there´s no way back, we guarantee that you will like it! our Cold is a concentrated coffee ready to drink! it can be used in infinite ways. Pure, or mixed in other beverages, healthy, functional, alcoholic or not, shakes, ice cream, imagine and try it! Here are some of our classic tips. But just as you, we are always daring and discovering a new world with it! That's why tell us and share when you discover something


Every day, Every time

That doubt - "but how and when do can i drink it?" 
In theory, Cold will not replace our sacred hot coffee! The cool thing is that it exists to complement!  You will know the best time for you.
It was developed to deconstruct the ways of drinking coffee, but not our habits. In practice, you may not always want to have hot coffee. And almost never a hot drink will match with some food or in an event at night. And that's where he succeeds!
You can take it in the morning to release you energy for a long day starting on a hot afternoon on the beach when you do not have time to stop. In the car, in traffic, on a trip, in the middle of studies.
Gives new air for classic hours as well. In the morning, at a business meeting, at an afternoon coffee, or with that diet escape cake!
Amazing for physical activities! It increases performance and mood, and nourishes you by helping to prevent dehydration.
For evenings, start happy hour, small doses in any beer or in stronger drinks. Anyway! We can say that Cold is very versatile to match with, it's up to you!


by us and planted by partners! 

Nowadays, we rarely have the privilege of accessing the information about the foods we consume. If its production is beneficial not only to our body and mind, but also to the people involved in the whole cycle. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the care and management of plantations, ecosystems and crops.
Our Cold Brew carries it all!
We have just good partners producing the coffee beans we use. Or at least we dedicate ourselves to have a very close relationship with them.
Then we are roasters of each and every batch of grains that we have selected to make this drink.


We create the label, we think of every detail carefully and we study deeply and we discovered about it, every day, every day more! With cold brew, we never stop learning!
Our will and intention - a recipe that demonstrates the value of a whole productive chain behind a drink a

It has high concentration of caffeine, but by its extraction method, it focuses on its natural state.
The extraction is long, can take at least up to 20 hours at controlled temperature.
Sometimes we do not understand why Cold brew brings us the sense of happiness, this is because caffeine activates our central nervous system, so it makes everything in your body work better! Try it and find out too!

Choose your moment and #COLDSE!

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