Colaborattive Roasting

An open Factory

We are an Open Factory. roasting specialty coffees. A living space, open and free of very pre-defined concepts. Here, we create our products on demand and distribute them in order to provide people the best experiences with coffee. Micro lots, various forms of extraction and the path of this grain, from plant to cup.

We want to share all knowledge, to know a little more about each client and friend who comes to meet us.

Understand each story and find out the best solution to indicate, or learn. The important thing is to change and grow. Together,

the world of obvious things no longer feeds us. We feel that we want to know more, to get more involved, to be informed about food and everything we consume. And even more when it comes to COFFEE!
This plant that changed the movement of the world, is present in the life of more than 2.25 billion people and tells us a lot about the tradition of many producing countries, we are willing to contribute to the growth of this culture in Brazil, the largest producer of this grain and the second largest consumer of it. After all, why not?

Events yes! 

We create private events. For more information, please contact us on the e-mail:

Your factory

Use our place to produce your coffee and count on us for any healp. If you want to know more about us please send an e-mail on:

How do we Work

*Open factory and store - as soon as possible we will inform the days we are open to have your visit!. 

*the availability is depending on our production dates, so if you want to visit us please get in touch! 

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