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We aim to ENRICH the coffee producers as much as possible. The classic recipe to have a good coffee is: care and respect on every stage of the chain.

Other than that, it's up to each one to know how should be the best coffee for your days.

Here in Café Américo, we work with special coffees and for that, we start with these two basic principles: Source tracking - we act very close to our producers and we are frequently looking for improvements on each roast! That's why we work lot by lot, on demand and weekly. We care to provide the best consumer experience ever!

the reason for consuming   

Special Coffees! 

Special coffee consumption increased up to 15% in 2017, informs Brazilian Coffee Special Association

Each year, the coffe taste is better and the market runs to meet this demand.

"Consumers are looking for more than one drink in one cup. They want it tobe part of their lifestyle, to know their origin, to feel different flavors and aromas and are willing to pay well for it, "says the commercial manager of a company in the coffee sector, Maria Dircéia Mendes.


We clearly feel that the producers hard work of seeking the best product with sustainability and generating more and more quality has caused intense interest in the rest of the chain, roasters, coffee shop owners, baristas and of course the final consumer. This fantastic work that is transforming the phrase "The best of our coffee always goes out, we get the rest" outdated.

Starting from the Coffee

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